How Partna created a fast, smooth and automatic onboarding process.

How Partna created a fast, smooth and automatic onboarding process.

What led Partna to Roarings services? 

When Partna launched their platform they knew they wanted to create a quick and automatic solution for their onboarding process. However, they faced issues with a lot of manual labor when it came to the compliance part of the onboarding and actually verifying the position of the new onboarding customer.

Verification of beneficial owners

As compliance requirements lead to tons of manual labor for the growing platform. Partna needed to be able to quickly and automatically verify whether or not the person signing up, actually was a beneficial owner of that company.


The solution

By integrating Roarings Beneficial owner API, directly into the onboarding process, Partna have been able to avoid time-consuming manual checks and can instead let the user start matching against interesting digital assignments directly. 

“Normally, it takes about 2 minutes to manually verify whether a user represents a company or not, which of course would steal a lot of our time as more and more companies join our platform. With Roaring, we avoid this manual work.” Says Gabriel Christner, CEO at Partna. 

Since Partna values the importance of knowing who join the platform and what company they actually represent, regulatory compliance and reputable operators are an important part of their business. That’s why each new user has to verify their identity through login with BankID.

Gabriel Christner, CEO at Partna.

About Partna

Partna matches companies with qualified digital agencies and streamline their business relationship through an ecosystem of services such as matching, smart proposals, digital project agreements and easier communication.

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