Hey Norway!


Did you know Roaring offers a lot of services for our neighbors in the West? Our popular service signing combinations, personal information, company information, company search, PEP and sanction lists are all available in Norway!

Personal information:

Access personal information about all Norwegian citizens by searching the social security number and name.

Company Search:

Find information about a company or create a selection of companies based on variables such as geography, company form, number of employees etc.

Company Overview:

Contact information and address, company form, industry, number of employees et cetera.

Signing Combinations:

Gives you answers about who has the right to sign, either individually or in combination with others.

PEP and sanction lists:

Check if a person is in a politically exposed position or is included in any sanctions list. This is part of the “Know your customer process”, which is a process required by the Money Laundering Act.

Why choose Roaring?

Roaring puts great emphasis on developer-friendly and robust code, created by developers for developers. Modern technology and updated customer data are our key words! By digitizing and automating your customer processes, they become faster and more accurate, resulting in more satisfied customers, which means you as a company save both time and money by reducing manual processes.

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