Garbage In – Garbage Out


Garbage In, Garbage Out!

Building a good reputation for your brand takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, ruining it can be done very quickly and with very little effort.

One quick way to lose your hard earned reputation, or to never establish one, is to use poor customer data in your communication and sadly this is far to common. Indeed so common that 40% of the average customer database can be faulty. This poor quality data will start nagging at your hard earned rep as it turns what used to be happy customers into confused and even angry customers.

The symptoms are many, customers are confused with other customers, customers are being addressed with the wrong names, titles or genders, multiple offers or communication towards the same customer, and the list goes on.
Furthermore, poor quality on your customer data will also lead to poor quality on your marketing, analysis and forecasting. “Garbage in – Garbage Out” as Forrester Research stated in their report entitled “Poor Data Quality: An Often Overlooked Cause Of Poor Customer Satisfaction Scores.”

The cost of bad data can be high, a lot higher than the cost of accurate data.

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