Financial Information – New Version!

We are now releasing a new, improved version of the service Financial Information. For those who are about to establish a new business relationship with a customer or supplier and need to validate the company’s finances.

The new version contains information regarding the annual report and key figures from the last five years, so you get a good picture of the company’s financial position. At the moment the service is available via API and soon via Roaring Web as well.

What is included?

Examples of financial statements and key figures included:

  • Company identity number
  • Change Date
  • Share
  • Number of employees
  • Total sales
  • Turnover per employee (KSEK)
  • Operating profit
  • Profit after financial items
  • Result for the year
  • Total equity
  • Total assets
  • Cash and bank balances
  • Solidity (%)
  • Cash Liquidity (%)
  • Net margin (%)

Do you want to know more? Read more about the service here or book an online demo with us and we will guide you through the service.