Even better than expected – Roaring visits Penningtvättsdagarna

Even better than expected - Roaring visits Penningtvättsdagarna

On the 3rd and 4th of May, we visited the Penningtvättsdagarna in Stockholm.

Roaring was represented by our valued colleagues Per and Katarina. They had a lot of fun meeting interesting and interested participants!

Per Martín, Sales and Business Development Director at Roaring about our presence at Penningtvättsdagarna:

Before events like this it is always a bit exciting to see how it will evolve and how much interest you actually attract. I can now, with certainty, say that this was even better than expected.

This was one of the best events we have visited so far! We felt right at home discussing the importance of effective and automated KYC and AML processes. A lot of interesting speakers, many interesting dialogues and much fun together with my colleague Katarina.

We will definitely be in touch with some of the people we met these days and hope to continue our conversations on another platform soon!’

A special thanks to the organisation and all involved in making the event a big success.  Perhaps we meet again next year!