Do you need help with the digitization process?

The current situation has shown us how important it is that we take the digitization seriously. By introducing new digital routines companies or organizations can continue developing.

Our API services help you reach your digitization goal in a smooth way. On-boarding of new customers is a process that everyone should digitize.

Four benefits of digital on-boarding of customers:
  • All data is correct from the start, while a manual process often results in incorrect data and empty fields.
  • Saves time and energy. The process of becoming a customer takes a minute, instead of days or even weeks.
  • Each additional field a customer must fill in manually reduces the number of customers who complete their on-boarding by 3-5%. An automatic retrieval of customer data means more potential customers complete the process and become a customer.
  • By giving customers the advantage of using their phone, you remove obstacles and give customers the freedom to choose when and how they want to become a customer.

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