Digital Transformation – Inevitable!


The millenials or generation-y, have since long stepped onto the labor market and, according to Google, stands for approx. half of all B2B purchases. We know that the next generation will take over and we also they have completely different expectations for buying and registering online compared to previous generations. As consumers, they are accustomed to simple and fast registration processes and smooth buying flows where they more or less get immediate access to a service or product.

Now that they enter into the B2B world they will not tolerate cumbersome buying processes with high demands on user interaction. Thus companies must offer intuitive and effective services and products around the clock, on computer, mobile, watches or whatever it may be. Now is the time to take action otherwise you are sure to fall behind in the digital transformation that sweeps through all markets.

Use the opportunities that exist to create good registration flows and registration processes, the possibilities to customise your offers to groups of customers and by all means make sure that you have accurate and updated customer data and comply with applicable laws and directives. Only then can you build good and long-lasting relationships with loyal customers who see you as an industry and market-leading brand. Do you need some help to get going? Do not hesitate to contact us!