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SPAR is Unavailable

Currently Skatteverket are experiencing problems with their SPAR service which is why many of the requests to our service Population Register for Sweden results in timeouts. We understand the major consequences this may have on your businesses and we're working to get more information on when the issues at SPAR can be completely resolved.


What we do

Put simply, we provide first class data about persons and organisations. Typically our data is used for evaluation, verification and decision making purposes in order to make the best decisions at the right time.

Expected results for our customers are significant increases in conversion rates, turnover, new customers and customer loyalty. Integrating verified and updated data into applications is straight forward and our pricing model is generous =)

Our data

Here is all our data which is available via API & web. 1 account gives you access to all data. Always quality assured data from safe sources.

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Service Windows 2020

These planned maintenance breaks generally regard either

  - updates in the technical platform (updates and new functionalities), or
  - maintenance of the technical environment

Person API

The downtimes can vary in length. Also, this can cause Person API to be entierly or partially unaccessible for our customers.

Note that this plan is preliminary. New dates can be added. Exact times will be provided well in advance of the service break in question.

  • 25th of April
    Maintenance break between 08.00-16.00
  • 9th of May - 10th of May
    Maintenance break between 23.00-05.00

  • 16th of May
    Upgrades in the technical platform between 07.00-18.00

  • 29th of August
    Maintenance break between 08.00-16.00

  • 12th of  September - 13th of September
    Maintenance break between 23.00-05.00

  • 17th of October
    Upgrades in the technical platform between 07.00-18.00

  • 7th November - 8th of November
    Maintenance break between 23.00-05.00

  • 28th of  November
    Maintenance break between 08.00-16.00

Company Credit Decision API

Essential maintenance upgrades will be carried out during periods of low activity. Planned system maintenance will be done on selected Saturdays each month between 23:00 – 02:00 (CET).

The following dates are in the plan for 2020.

  • 4th and 18th of April
  • 9th and 16th of May
  • 13th and 20th of June
  • 11th and 18th of July
  • 15th and 22nd of August
  • 12th and 19th of September
  • 10th and 17th of October
  • 14th and 21st of November

Change Log

Release of Board Members with Danish data.

Release of Credit Decision Person. Instant credit checks and automated credit decisions for individuals.

Personal Register is now available as a monitoring service via webhooks.

Release of Financial Information 2.0. This is an extended version of the Financial Information API which now contains data for the last 5 years of operations.

Release of KYC report for Sweden on Roaring Web.

Release of Owner structure in Roaring Web for Sweden.

Release of Rating API for Sweden.

Release of Company Search API for Denmark.

Release of Owner structure API. An API which lets you see who owns a company and the Owner structure.

Release of Company Overview for Denmark.

Release of Beneficial Owner and Alternative Beneficial Owner for Sweden.

Release of webhooks based monitoring service for Company Information.

Release of Beneficial Owner and Alternative Beneficial Owner for Norway.  Search either by organisational number to get a list of the Beneficial Owners of a company, or enter a personal identification number and get a list of the companies a person is registered as a Beneficial Owner for.

Release of Board Directorships for Norway. Board Directorships lets you see the companies a persons is involved in as a board member. Perfect for creating smooth and secure onboarding processes.

Release of Board Members for Norway. Board Members for companies in Norway is now available. Lets you check the board members of a company. Perfect for onboarding processes or compliancy requirements.

Release of monitoring service for Sanctions lists. Enables effective and hassle free monitoring of sanctions lists.

Release of monitoring service for Beneficial Owner. Changes to customer data you've chosen to monitor will pushed to you when they occur. It's never been as easy and secure as this.

Release of Company Activity. Provides information about the company activity. Lists any secondary names and shows the industries the company has registered activities in.

Release of monitoring service for Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). PEP related changes to customer data you've chosen to monitor. We use webhooks to push changes to the information to you when they occur.

Release of Company Group Structure which lets you list all companies that are part of a group and its ownership relationships. Shows percentage of ownership. Perfect for KYC checks.

Release of new versions of API services Company Search (1.2) and Engagements (2.0).

Release of new API services for Know Your Customer procedures. Check if persons are listed as PEP (Politically Exposed Person) or exits in sanction lists.

Our latest service, Beneficial Owner, is released today. The service lets you find Beneficial Owners of a company without manual work.

Our success service Signing Combinations will be released in Norway on the 20th of November

At the end of the year 31/12/2018 we will close Company API. All services related to Company API will still be available as individual APIs.

We're releasing a new search tool, Company Search. We will be closing down the Simple Search service at the 31st of May 2019.

Release of Company Search. Text based company search allowing you to search on Company name or location.

Release of our API service for person information service (Person) in Norway.

Release of signing Combinations. Unique service making it easier than ever to register B2B customers.

Change of recommended authentication method from grant type password to grant type client credentials. Both methods are still accepted and functional.

Company API - deprecated

Release of Engagements API, great for creating stable and usable onboarding and registration services for B2B.


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