Customer Stories

We are proud to work together with some of the finest Nordic brands.

SEBx aspires to drive innovation in banking

SEBx uses Roarings services to create innovate solutions within banking and financial services. This has led to the creation of one the swiftest customer onboarding processes in the industry, requiring only 15 clicks to complete.

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Nordnet are automating digital banking through Nordic data

Improving business performance through automation has played a crucial part in Nordnets success. Using Roaring API's have enabled the creation of digital and automated business processes, reducing administration and improving customer experience.

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P:E Accounting ensures compliance through real-time data and automation

P:E Accounting are optimizing their AML and KYC process through API and webhook solutions, reducing manual work while providing great comfort in process quality. This is how they did it.

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Corpia automated their loan application process – and challenged the finance game

By automating their loan application process through Roaring API:s, Corpia has reduced manual labour by approximately 20 minutes per new customer. This is their story.

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Sveas digital corporate bank for entrepreneurs

With the help of Roaring's services, Svea Bank launched a new digital corporate bank for entrepreneurs with an automated onboarding process, meaning no more forms to fill out or long processing times.

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