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Use Roaring Web to gain customer knowledge about both new and existing customers in your ongoing compliance work.

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Check Companies

Roaring Web helps you manage your KYC processes and AML risks more effectively. Through our service and data sources, you can view the following company information:

  • Identify and control Company Information
  • Check a company's Owner Structure
  • View Beneficial Owners and Alternative Beneficial Owners
  • Access both current and historical Board Members
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Check person

Thanks to Roaring web it's also possible to perform checks on individuals. Check if your customer or prospect appears on Sanctions Lists and tailor the deal to the individual. Here are some examples of the things we can help you with:

  • Control PEP and RCA
  • Check if the individual appears on Sanctions Lists
  • Use tailored KYC forms
  • Create reports according to AML requirements
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Roaring Web

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Improve your screening process, minimize risk and ensure compliance with Roaring Web.

  • Check prospects and customers to reduce risk
  • Quality assure KYC process and risk assessment
  • Automate time-consuming AML processes

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