Becoming a more climate-smart company

Today is the World Environment Day and also the day we managed the last step of the Breakit Impact Challenge! It has been a month of many lessons and changes to make Roaring a more climate-smart company.

7 simple climate-smart changes:

  1. Switch to green electricity. In our case, this costs 8kr extra per month. Probably one of the easiest, most effective changes you can make.
  2. Think about how you work. Is there a small change you can make that would lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions? (Do you really need to print that paper? Do you receive paper invoices from businesses offering e-invoices?)
  3. Tell others what you are doing to be more climate-smart. Inspire for change.
  4. Think carefully before booking airplane tickets.
  5. Choose the vegetarian option for lunch.
  6. Leave your car at home as often as you can.
  7. Sort your waste.

Thank you Breakit for challenging us to create a more climate-smart company! This is a work that will probably never end but this month has given us a new focus and many new lessons about what we should continue to do to minimize our carbon dioxide emissions as much a s possible.

Read more about the World Environment Day on the UN website.

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