Penningtvättslagen- Några snabba

Anti Money Laundering Act- In short

These days we read about money laundering and the Anti Money Laundering Act in the newspaper on a daily basis. According to expert Gavin Neilson, Sweden is five to ten years behind the UK and US in our work against money laundering. So what can we do to catch up? Something to focus on is […]

Roaring in Realtid

“Many know that they are covered by the AML, but not how to comply with the requirements of the law.” Don’t miss Roaring in Realtid today! Do you know what the Money Laundering Act requires of your company? CLICK HERE to read the article.

Digital customer on-boarding: Top 5 reasons

Why digitize the on-boarding of new customers? Yes, the process gets faster but there are also many other advantages. Therefore, we have compiled the top 5 reasons why companies should digitize! Find out how your company can gain a clear competitive advantage HERE.

Digitization is crucial to prevent money laundering

Read our CEO Pål’s article on money laundering and the big problems many companies have with the law on LinkedIn! Here´s a bit of the article: Fast, secure customer awareness processes are a matter of course in 2019. It is unreasonable that KYC (Know Your Customer) controls should be handled manually and take days or […]