New customer! Malma Revision

We are happy to welcome Malma Revision as a customer to Roaring! Click HERE to find out how Roaring Web can make your workday easier as well.

Good data quality is essential for success

Having good data quality is essential when building a successful businesses. Furthermore, it can be punishable to have incorrect data in your personal records. Make sure that your customer data always is up to date with Roaring’s updates and monitoring of changes. In this way, you can be sure that your data quality always is […]

Web- Personal information

With Roaring Web you will have access to information about all people registered in Sweden and Norway quickly and easily! Find out if a person is registered as beneficial owner and other company engagements, for instance. HERE you can read more about our new service!

Web- Company information

Find information about all companies in Roaring Web! Unique service to get information about who signs the company, valid company combinations and much more. Read more about our new service HERE!

NEW! Know your customer in seconds with Roaring Web!

We can finally present the new service we have developed: Roaring Web! Since we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to quickly access the necessary information needed to start good customer relations we created Roaring Web. For instance, here you can: • Follow the Money Laundering Act with a few clicks and get good […]