Roaring Bevakning

Monitoring customer data with the latest tech

With our new monitoring service, we inform you that there has been a change in your customer data when it happens. You choose which data your systems will monitor and the updates are done automatically. The service uses webhooks which sends a notification when a change occurs in the datasets you’ve chosen to monitor. This […]

One of the world’s leading API technology companies

API World has listed Roaring as one of the world’s leading & most innovative API technology companies! They select companies based on industry analysis and other factors such as company data. We are happy & proud to be in such a nice company! This is API World’s first API 300 – a list of the leading […]

Signing combinations: The giant leap in B2B e-commerce

During the past decade, we’ve been completely digitized in our purchasing behaviour.  We expect instant access to all offerings and services, and B2C vendors have become proficient in meeting these expectations. However, when we act on behalf of the company we work for, things look very different. We have to deal with dull registration forms, manual […]

183 year old digital innovator

Landshypotek Bank has a long history, but is also rapidly developing. In collaboration with Roaring they are now automating an important part of the customer process, thus taking another step forward in the digital transformation. For 183 years, Landshypotek has been financing investments made by entrepreneurs and families in the rural industry. With a heart beating for […]

New! Company Group Structure

Now the very requested service Company Group Structure is live! A Company Group Structure shows a structure of all companies that are part of a group. The Company Group Structure shows the parent company and subsidiaries as well as how many percent the companies own in each other. Controlling ownership is part of the KYC process […]