Why you should update your customer records

Three good reasons to have updated customer data: Incorrect information in customer records creates frustration and bad reputation. For example if you are using the wrong name or the wrong gender, communicating with someone who is deceased or is delivering to the wrong address. Order and invoicing systems with duplicates or incorrect information can result […]

Get a notification when changes occur in you customer data!

Now you can keep your customer data automatically updated daily! With Roaring Webhooks you are notified every time there is a change in the population register. It’s easy to get started thanks to the smooth integration, and you choose what you want to monitor and if you want to receive the updates. This way you […]

Do you need help with the digitization process?

The current situation has shown us how important it is that we take the digitization seriously. By introducing new digital routines companies or organizations can continue developing. Our API services help you reach your digitization goal in a smooth way. On-boarding of new customers is a process that everyone should digitize. Four benefits of digital […]

Financial Information – New Version!

We are now releasing a new, improved version of the service Financial Information. For those who are about to establish a new business relationship with a customer or supplier and need to validate the company’s finances. The new version contains information regarding the annual report and key figures from the last five years, so you […]

Valborg Live Stream

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the winter! That will be celebrated with a bonfire and choral singing, although in a different way this year. Here you can watch the live stream of the “Valborg” celebration at Ulriksdal Palace tonight at 19:00, so we can toast the spring together in a safe way!¬†Happy Valborg […]