customer data management

List: 3 BIG challenges of customer data management

Why is Customer Data Management Important? Compliance During the past few years, the requirements for compliance has been tightened considerably with new rules, laws and regulations. Both through the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML) and through the GDPR. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Data Protection Authority have an increasingly tight grip on these issues […]

The Anti Money Laundering Act Gets Stricter

The new year is fast approaching and companies need to get compliant before January 1st 2020 to avoid a visit by Finansinspektionen. New changes regarding anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures will come into force. These legislative changes affect many different industries, including banking or finance, life insurance, funding, payment services, investment funds, real estate […]

Ny Bevakningstjänst - Verklig Huvudman

Monitoring of Beneficial Owner- New Service!

We are now releasing our new service for monitoring of beneficial owner! With this service you can quickly and easily find out if a change is happening on any of your customers and your customer register is updated automatically. The service uses Webhooks which means several benefits for you as a customer. Firstly, you do […]