Case: Visma Finance enables entrepreneurs to focus on their core business

As an entrepreneur, being able to fully focus on your core business is crucial to your success. Meaning, reducing time-consuming administration and doing what you do best, is key in order to grow your business.

This is exactly what Visma Finance aspires to help companies with, by creating financial services that are seamlessly built into the customer's accounting system from Visma, which at the same time manage the customer's administration of invoices.

Using Roaring data to verify KYC information, as well as checking that the customer is entitled to sign for the business through a Signing Combinations API, Visma emphasizes the simplicity of Roaring's platform and services.

“Having a lot of data ourselves, we needed a way of verifying that data in some cases, but mainly a way of ensuring that the user has signatory rights for his/her company. By using the Signing Combinations API from Roaring, we can now easily see what combinations of signatories the user is included in, if the person can sign alone or needs to invite a second or third person to sign, to complete the combination.” Says Martin Källum, CPO at Visma Finance.

“The simplicity and data quality assurance was key to us, when choosing a data service provider for our process. Roaring’s user-friendly platform with well-documented API’s and a clean sandbox environment, provided exactly what we were looking for.”

martin källum visma

Martin Källum, CPO at Visma Finance

Visma's factoring services are built into their accounting systems, which reduces the time from when the customer creates their invoices until they have the money in their bank account. By being able to present proactive financing offers directly in the customer's invoice flow, and then let the customer complete their onboarding in 90 seconds, the customer can quickly complete the invoicing and know that they are paid the next day.

"When the customer enters our customer onboarding process, they already have an invoice to sell us, which means we needed to create a flow that was smooth and clear of any obstacles." Martin continues.

It quickly became clear that Roaring was the first-hand pick among everyone

“Getting the customer through quickly is key, as customers would rather focus on their core business, instead of spending their valuable time invoicing and doing administrative work. Roaring’s services have truly enabled that, making sure the customer experience is awesome and that everything simply works!”

As Visma Finance plans to launch their factoring services in Norway early next year, Martin says that the search for a data service provider did not take long.

“We started by asking around internally, to see what our developers wanted. It quickly became clear that Roaring was the first-hand pick among everyone, due to the simplicity and user friendliness of their services.”

About Visma Finance

Visma Finance is a fast-growing and innovative company in financing with a focus on small businesses. They offer automated digital financing services aiming to reduce hassle and unnecessary administration.

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