Case: Optimizing a process, from days to minutes with SPP

From days to minutes

Automating data collection, has led to a smoother and fully digital customer journey for companies who want to use SPP's occupational pension services. The change has reduced time to get started from days to minutes.

SPP is one of the most prominent occupational pension companies in Sweden. Digitalization of its administration services is highly prioritized. By using Roaring data API services, getting started with SPP’s administrative company service for managing occupational pension is now a process of minutes instead of days.

The implementation of data API’s, enabling the digitization and automation of certain processes, has led to a shift in how a lot of companies create intuitive and customer-centric service flows. One of them is SPP, a pension service provider and part of Norwegian Storebrand, together managing more than 1.000 billion NOK on behalf of their customers.

One of the processes that has changed in SPP recently, is the process when companies want to get started using SPP’s digital service for managing occupational pensions.

“What previously took several days for the customer to get started with, is now a process of a couple of minutes and 100% digital. In that sense, going from a manual process into ‘full automation’ using data, has improved the customer’s experience significantly.” Says Jenny Sjövall, Head of Digital Operations at SPP.

"Jenny Sjövall, Head of Digital Operations at SPP"

“Data is collected and verified from Roaring automatically which reduces the risk for human errors. This provides great process comfort and quality assurance for everyone.”

The new digital process flow includes the implementation of BankID verification, checking for company engagements, providing an offer and checking that the user has signatory rights before signing the agreement digitally.

In other words, worlds apart from the old process, which was analog and required a lot of manual work. As an example, it included sending agreements to customers by “snail mail” and waiting for it to be signed and returned, as well as using multiple systems to verify customer data.

“Using Roaring has truly been a smooth experience, where everything has just worked well from day one.” Jenny Sjövall continues.

“Reducing manual work and improving both the speed and simplicity of different customer-related processes, has a huge upside in terms of business performance. This is something that we’re clearly seeing in this case.”

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