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API:s filled with high quality data about people and organizations

Our developer-friendly REST APIs enable you to create and manage your processes, making them automated and streamlined!

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Streamlined Business

Streamlining and simplifying your everyday business processes is essential when creating sustainable growth, profitability and stability.

With Roaring API:s you can digitize and automate loads of everyday processes, enabling more business to be made, with less effort. Meaning less money spent, and more coming in, as well as avoiding unnecessary risk.

Use our API:s to create a stunning onboarding for your potential customers, get to know your customer thoroughly with automated KYC and AML checks, or build something of great value to your organization.

"We automated our loan application process with Roaring API:s, reducing manual labour by approximately 650 hours yearly."

Emilia Åker Corpia
Emilia Åker Head of Operations | Corpia

Person Information

With access to the full population registry, you can dive deeply into your customers – or potential customers - business engagements, personal details and relationships to improve and smoothen your process.

Performing mandatory background checks, analyzing and risk assessing or building a checkout solution that delights a B2C consumer – The possibilities are endless with API:s containing information about individuals.

Company Information

Up-to-date information about organizations in the Nordics. With more than 50 sources of data in total, we provide API:s filled with all kinds of relevant and useful business information.

API:s containing data such as a company’s valid signing combinations, beneficial owners, board members, financial information and establishments give you a great basis for decision making and B2B relationship forming.

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We place great emphasis on simplicity, accessibility and comprehensibility. To us that means getting your project started, as well as reaching the finish line, should be an experience smoother than silk.

Excellent documentation, world class support and a free sandbox experience - ready to be copied at any time into live production - are just some of the way we embody our belief. Go check it out for yourself!

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