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All the APIs you need to download, verify, check and monitor information about your customers. We help you automate and streamline your customer processes.

Developer friendly

Roaring focuses on making it fun for developers to use our services. We place great emphasis on simplicity, accessibility and comprehensibility. If you want to test our API services, you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Develop without any costs

You can use test data for all APIs how much you want free of charge in our Sandbox.

Developer Portal

Get going and start developing directly.

Get a free developer account and you will get direct access to all our APIs in Sandbox. You can start developing towards our APIs directly. When you have finished your development, you easily switch to production data.

Easier access to quality business information has never been easier.

API Services

Select from a wide array of services.

In our developer portal you’ll find a large amount of services with with business information connected to a person or a company. We have everything from population register information, signatory information, a complete offering of services to automate KYC controls and much more.


Monitor and update your customer data

Using Roaring Monitoring is the smartest, easiest and fastest way to monitor and keep your customer data up to date.

The service uses so-called webhooks that notify you when changes occur in your customer data. The service is easy to implement in your systems and you can choose which data you want to monitor.

Changes in the board, company signatory, beneficial owner and registration or deregistration as a politically exposed person (PEP) are just some of the things Roaring can monitor and keep updated for you.

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Developers first.

We attach great importance to having a good and clear documentation and to be available when questions arise regarding both technology and content. We are available through our chat.

Please check our documentation here.


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