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Enabling digitization and automation of business processes

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Our Story

From frustration to innovation!

Why are many business processes more time consuming than they need to be? We asked ourselves that question after several years of experience in the risk and information industry. With all the data available and sought after by the market, there was a lack of solutions that were both easy to use and accessible to everyone. This is how Roaring was born.

We are driven by creating innovative solutions that challenge the status quo. With a focus on accessibility, quality and innovation, we want to change the information industry from the ground up and shape its future.

Our vision

"A world without time-consuming, frustrating, expensive and unnecessarily complicated business processes."

By providing our API solutions and other services, we aim to empower companies in their journeys toward streamlined, automated and efficient business. Making them agile, attractive and competitive.

Everyday business processes should be simple, efficient, user-friendly and quite frankly, fun! That's what we aspire to create for and with our customers.

Our services
About our focus

Our Focus

Simplicity, Accessibility & Comprehensibility

Wether you are a developer, consultant, lawyer, head of digital, accountant or anything else - Our offer should always be comprehendible, easy to use and accessible all over the world.

We strive to build APIs that disrupt, change the way things are thought of and done in the world of business. Follow us on our journey towards new, innovative ideas.

APIs First

Our gooey center

The foundation of our business are great, innovative APIs. This shortens our customers time to market, reduces your development costs and speeds up your digital transformation. Meaning, more innovative solutions in faster time and at a smaller cost. That's our "gooey center", our core and what drive us forward.

We are truly developer-focused, meaning we strive to make our APIs easy to use, our documentation world class, our sandbox environment an awesome experience and our support lightning fast and helpful.

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