About Us.

It should be easy to do efficient business.

Our vision

Our vision is to become your choice to create secure business relationships easily and quickly.

Being able to quickly start a safe business relationship in a simple way means that one must automate the acquisition of correct customer data and digitize business-critical controls.

Roaring wants to be the first choice in your digitization process.

Our Focus

We focus on good data and easy accessibility

The biggest problem in the digital transformation is the difficulty of accessing good data in an easy way. Roaring focuses on providing qualitative data in a customer-friendly manner.

Roaring Focus
Roaring API


API that developers like is important to us

Roaring has the motto that the foundation of our business is great APIs. Our priority is to provide relevant and robust APIs that developers like to use to create successful services.


The team

Roaring has solid experience from the business information and credit industry. This means that we have a good understanding of our customers' needs. We also understand what technical and legal challenges that exist. With Roaring as a supplier and partner, security is guaranteed. We ensure that you get good data and that legal rules and laws are followed.