Verify and check personal and business information

Roaring offers services for automating and digitizing your customer data management.
Our services are available through APIs and in our web application.
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Roaring API

All the APIs you need to download, verify, check and monitor information about your customers. We help you automate and streamline your customer processes.

Roaring Web

Become compliant with our service.

The market's best service for verifying, checking and creating customer knowledge (KYC) about your new and existing customers.

Our services drive business growth

Digital transformation quickly changes how business is done

All companies that want to be competitive need to digitize and streamline their customer processes. It is a great competitive advantage to offer customers fast, efficient and good service. In addition, efficient customer processes reduce administrative costs.

Quality data and safety are important

Free open information available on the internet can be directly harmful to rely on, especially if it concerns such important things as customer and supplier information. Therefore, Roaring only delivers quality data from sources such as Tax Authorities, National Companies Registration Offices, Credit Information Companies and other secure sources. All routines regarding data has high […]

Roaring’s services are good for your business

With faster and better on-boarding for persons and companies you get more business and satisfied customers. Over 20% of all data for people and companies change over the course of a year. Use Roaring’s services and get updated and accurate data so you avoid unnecessary costs and concerns in your business.

Developer friendly

Roaring focuses on making it fun for developers to use our services. We place great emphasis on simplicity, accessibility and comprehensibility. Documentation and Sandbox for developers should be a tip-top. If you want to test our API services, you can be up and running in a few minutes. It is free to develop against our […]

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