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With faster and better on-boarding for people and companies, you get more business and satisfied customers. Over 20% of all data for individuals and businesses change over the course of a year. Use the Roaring API to get updated and accurate data to avoid many unnecessary costs and concerns in your business.

Quality data and security are important

Free open information available on the Internet can be directly harmful to rely on, especially if it concerns such important things as customer and supplier information. Therefore, Roaring delivers quality data only from sources such as the Swedish Tax Agency SPAR, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, Credit Reporting Companies and other secure sources. All routines surrounding the data we work with are of high security and comply with applicable legislation.

Developer friendly

Roaring focuses on making fun for developers to use our services. We attach great importance to simplicity, accessibility and comprehension. Documentation and Sandbox for developers should be top-notch. If you want to test our API services, you can get started in minutes. It is free to develop against our testing environment and you get good prices when you start using our production environment.


It's free to get started.

Roaring want to participate and contribute to your good ideas to become reality, therefore it is free to get started.

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Convini powered by Roaring
Roaring API
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